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May 20, 2009

A Checklist for Data Migration Project. Phase 2: Project Initiation

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Continuing my previous post, here are the questions to ask oneself at the stage of data migration project initiation:


  • Have you created a stakeholder communication plan and stakeholder register?
    During this phase you need to formalize how each stakeholder will be informed.
  • Have you tweaked and published your project policies?
    Now is the time to get your policies completed and circulated across the team and new recruits. Any policies that define how the business will be involved during the project also need to be circulated and signed off.
  • Have you set up your project collaboration platform?
    This should ideally have been created before project initiation but if it hasn’t now is the time to get it in place.
  • Have you created your standard project documents?
    During this phase you must create your typical project documentation such as risk register, issue register, acceptance criteria, project controls, job descriptions, project progress report, change management report, RACI etc. They do not need to be complete but they do need to be formalized with a process that everyone is aware of.
  • Have you defined and formalized your 3rd Party supplier agreements and requirements?
    Project initiation is a great starting point to determine what additional expertise is required.
  • Have you scheduled your next phase tasks adequately?
    At this phase you should be meticulously planning your next phase activities so ensure that the business and IT communities are aware of the workshops they will be involved in.
  • Have you resolved any security issues and gained approved access to the legacy datasets?
    Get approvals from security representatives (before this phase if possible) and consult with IT on how you will be able to analyze the legacy and source systems without impacting the business.
  • Have you defined the hardware and software requirements for the later phases?
    What machines will the team run on? What software will they need? What licenses will you require at each phase? Model re-engineering tools? Data quality profiling tools? Data cleansing tools? Project management software? Presentation software? Reporting software? Issue tracking software? ETL tools? It can often take weeks to procure this kind of equipment so you ideally need to have done this even before project initiation.

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