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May 26, 2009

A Checklist for Data Migration Project. Phase 4: Solution Design

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At this stage several important questions should be asked and answered about specifications and requirements. By the end of this phase you should have a thorough specification of how the source and target objects will be mapped to pass the results to a developer for implementation in a data migration tool. You also should have a firm interface design, data quality specifications, the firm idea of what technology will be required in the production environment, and, finally, service level agreements.

Here are the details:

  • Have you created a detailed mapping design specification?
    Note that there is no immediate progress into build following landscape analysis. It is far more cost-effective to map out the migration using specifications as opposed to coding which can prove expensive and more complex to re-design if issues are discovered.
  • Have you created an interface design specification?
    A firm design is needed for any interface designs that are required to extract the data from your legacy systems or to load the data into the target systems. For example, some migrations require change data capture functionality so this needs to be designed and prototyped during this phase.
  • Have you created a data quality management specification?
    This will define how you plan to manage the various data quality issues discovered during the landscape analysis phase. These may fall into certain categories such as:

    •     Ignore
    •     Cleanse in source
    •     Cleanse in staging process
    •     Cleanse in-flight using coding logic
    •     Cleanse on target
  • Have you defined your production hardware requirements?
    The volumetrics and interface throughput performance should be known so you should be able to specify the appropriate equipment, RAID configurations, operating system etc.
  • Have you agreed the service level agreements for the migration?
    At this phase it is advisable to agree with the business sponsors what your migration will deliver, by when and to what quality.
    Quality, cost and time are variables that need to be agreed upon prior to the build phase so ensure that your sponsors are aware of the design limitations of the migration and exactly what that will mean to the business services they plan to launch on the target platform.

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