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March 26, 2009

Avoiding CDI Implementation Challenges

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The administration of data within an enterprise or an organization is not an isolated process. Data is not usually confined to an application or an individual within a department; it flows across systems, often multiple times. Mismanaged data is a source of constant headache for an organization. So it’s utterly important that data is been treated as a corporate asset. And it’s especially true when speaking of customer data.

When someone’s planning for implementation of customer data integration system, what are the common CDI problems he could face during deployment?

I’ve found some advice from Jill Dyché, internationally recognized author, speaker, and business consultant, on how to avoid common challenges one can face during customer data integration system implementations

  1. There are always people in a company, who refuse to understand the purpose of CDI implementation if there is already “a kind of thing that’s doing almost the same”. Anticipate such arguments, prepare to explain the key moments and educate your opponents offering them deliberate examples. Position your CDI effort as an ongoing program that can enable different business needs.
  2. Premature involvement of vendors may lead to waste of time and money for you won’t be able to give the vendors what they need to deliver the tools. Data management requires intent focus on functional requirements. So until you have your thoroughly elaborated list of requirements, keep vendors aside.
  3. Many IT environments are accustomed to buying off-the-shelf applications and they simply don’t have enough development skills to configure and maintain an MDM solution. Underestimating the need of required development skills will bring no good. For if your business is complex, data management solutions will be also complex
  4. Sometimes you just don’t understand where to start. Do not disregard asking professionals from a good consulting company which may explain all pros and cons, help define the right product from the wide range vendors offer, it also may  recommend tactics for moving forward.


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