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March 19, 2008

BA or BI 2.0?

Filed under: Data Cleansing, Data Quality — Alena Semeshko @ 7:14 am

The questions have been up lately on whether the term Business Intelligence has outlived its practical side and whether Business Analytics is a more appropriate term. The opinions regarding the relationship of BI and BA split. Some say Business Analytics makes up just one part of, or a niche within this large concept of Business Intelligence. Others consider BI too vague of a term and feel more comfortable with Business Analytics as a definition for the new sophisticated data quality, data integration and etl tools.

The proponents of the second “theory” say Business Intelligence is changing the way businesses work and think. Bi here implies not only moving data around and producing reporting services, but also keeping pace with the constantly changing and dynamic business requirements.

So, what is analytics? Neil Raden of Hired Brains, a market research and management consulting firm, has said that, “the proper term for interacting with information at the speed of business, analyzing and discovering and following through with the appropriate action, is ‘analytics’.”

Well, the opinions may differ, but regardless of what you call it, be it Business Intelligence or Business Analytics, the data quality services Apatar provides play an integral role in interacting with information, merging, transfering and validating it - everything that both BI and BA are all about.

Take a look at how its data quality services can validate and improve your customer data and get it clean and easy to work with. Or browse data quality web demo over here.

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