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April 2, 2008

BI has No Future?

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Neil Raden quite reasonably criticizes a recent article here titled “Gartner: Emerging Technologies Will Help Drive Mainstream BI Adoption.”

After all, it’s true that BI software was initially designed for marketing and finance departments to gather data, analyze it, sometimes report it and build up new development strategies based on it. But all of this is already in place and happening… As for the prospect though, there’s still room to expand:

“I believe there is a huge opportunity for the BI vendors to expand the reach and value of their software, but not through visualization interfaces and more powerful analyst tools. That train left the station. It’s time for BI to take its place on the porch with the big dogs and tackle the real operational processes of organizations. Classic BI is not going away, it provides a valuable function, but not everyone needs it.”

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