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May 8, 2008

Case for data quality

Filed under: Data Quality — Alena Semeshko @ 5:25 am

I wrote a lot about data cleansing and data quality as a one-time procedure and as a repeated practice. But here’s a catch, when do you usually think of and/or worry about the quality of your data? When migrating and integrating it? When using it in marketing? When building your strategy based on it? Has it ever crossed your mind that the quality of data needs to be thought through before it’s actually gathered? That’s new and you don’t see too many companies thinking of it…yet. We don’t quite realize that even at the early stages of preparing for data gathering and while obtaining it, data quality aleady plays an important role in the future of your company. It is the early stages that make a difference in how your data turns out and if. If approached properly from the very beginning, your data will surely pay off when you get to sharing and maintaining it, and especially when applying it.

Cost-wise, this approach is rather efficient too. Although I always say that corporate data is not the thing to save up on and it might not sound quite like me =), but investing in data quality from the very beginning would save up a lot when it comes to verification, cleansing and usage. Cleansing, as a matter of fact, may very well become redundant. Sweet?

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