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December 3, 2009

Choosing ETL That Fits Your Business Requirements

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In my previous posting, I touched upon the importance of defining business requirements before starting data integration initiative. Without those requirements, the process will comprise just blind gathering all kinds of data available at the enterprise with no clear purpose. In other words, data integration initiative may turn into some kind of monkey business. Okay, that’s clear.

Well, data integration tools selection, including ETL (extract, transform, and load) solutions, is a job that requires efforts but if done right, it’s worth it. What do I mean by this “done right”? The message is simple. When choosing an ETL tool, a company should bear in mind business requirements for data, and make their choice based on whether an ETL solution possesses functionalities that meet those requirements, or whether a vendor may add the needed functionality to their solution.

Look. You’ve defined your data integration strategy, business users have created the list of requirements for the data they would need to work with. So now it is clear what data should gather the future ETL tool, and what operations it should perform over that data. Now, having all the necessary criteria, you won’t be wandering blindly among multiple vendors, but will concentrate on those whose ETL solutions meet your criteria.

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