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December 14, 2009

Cloud Computing: Think of Data Integration

Filed under: Data Integration, Data Synchronization — Olga Belokurskaya @ 9:26 am

The year’s end is closer, and traditionally, it’s time for next year predictions. And it seems that it’s a good time for cloud computing, for, according to multiple predictions, it will continue gaining popularity in 2010, and as a result, the rate of cloud adoption will increase. And that’s no surprise, for clouds turn beneficial for both IT and business users. What’s more, data integration growth will be driven mostly by cloud computing (that’s according to David Linthicum, a data integration specialist).

You know, there’ve been lots of talks this year about different issues of cloud computing, including security and data integration issues. However, I think most of those issues are not so hard to avoid. Let’s take data integration.

Seriously, many enterprises do not create any data integration strategy, and get really surprised when it comes to data integration and synchronization of cloud and on-premise systems. However, to avoid data loses and all the mess that will inevitably come together with the absence of data integration strategy, some efforts should be done before (and here the word “before” is essential) moving any enterprise systems to the cloud. This move should be prepared: data integration requirements for every system should be defined, architecture requirements specified, identified data sources that would need to be synchronized, etc.

So, I’m about to say, that the “issue” is not data integration itself, it is the absence of reasonable thinking, and so-called “cloud rush” (actually, rush is a phenomenon peculiar for any trendy technology adoption). Provide for data integration between both on-premise and systems moved to the cloud; don’t move to the cloud all at once, make it a gradual shift instead, ensuring successful data integration between newly shifted systems and the rest of enterprise – these are the recommendations to avoid data integration issues with the cloud.

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