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December 2, 2010

Data Integration Approaches For Effective Decision-Making

Filed under: Data Integration — Katherine Vasilega @ 8:14 am

To understand the complicated world of data integration, it is makes sense to learn what technologies and approaches adjoin this discipline. Today I’d like to talk about three important aspects of data integration: mashups, complex event processing, and change data capture.

Mashup is a Web page or an application that integrates two or more elements from different data sources to provide unique information. An example of a mashup is the integration of business addresses and online maps to quickly see where you have to deliver your goods or services. For business users, mashups allow integrating sales data with up-to-date prices and then displaying the real-time results within a single page.

Complex event processing is a data integration approach that allows following different events across all the layers of an organization. It enables to identify the most meaningful events, analyze their impact, and take decisions. CEP enables organizations to quickly engage the continuously changing information. Business users can monitor, analyze and act on data streams.

Change data capture is the process of identifying important changes made to the information in data sources. You can then apply the changes throughout an enterprise to ensure that data in different systems remains synchronized. CDC technology minimizes the IT resources required for ETL processes because it only deals with updates and other data changes.

Access to the important data for effective decision-making is the main goal of data integration. The above-mentioned technologies and approaches help avoid costly mistakes that occur when you don’t react to market events as quick as you can.

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