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December 2, 2009

Data Integration: Business Needs are Important

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Have you ever thought that one of the serious issues that makes data integration initiative complex is the lack of well -defined user needs for data? No, let’s start differently. Why do companies need data integration and spent so much efforts and resources on this initiative? To get the full view and better understanding of company’s data. And this information, in its turn, is needed for business decision makers to make right decisions.

Back again to user needs, or better say, requirements for data. This may come as a surprise, but the «lack of well defined user needs” has been named on the third place among the reasons for the failed data integration initiative to deliver business important data to decision makers, according to a survey by Aberdeen Group.

So, why user requirements are so important for successful data integration? In fact, the goal of data integration is not simply to gather all the data from systems and applications used within a company in a single place, but to get the data that is important for business. They‘re business representatives who are the end users of data integration, because they make the decisions based on the data received. So to ensure the process of data integration was correct, specific business focus should be placed on data standards and requirements.

These business requirements should be taken into consideration and thoroughly defined before data integration is started. In other words, there should be clear definition of what data is critical for business.

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