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May 26, 2008

Data Integration in a Nutshell

Filed under: Data Integration, Data Warehousing — Alena Semeshko @ 11:09 pm

I just came across a superb article that chews data integration out for you the best possible way! For business users that do not write code, it contains a comprehensive description of data integration approaches to keep in mind when selecting an integration provider to work with. I personaly consider manual integration, where you need to do all the work and write code quite limited as compared to “application approach”, where a ready application will do everything for you.

The applications, which are specialized computer programs, would locate, retrieve and integrate the information for you. During the integration process, the applications must manipulate the data so that the information from one source is compatible with the information from the other source.

Most data integration system designers assume that the end goal is to create as little work for the end user as possible, so they tend to focus on applications and data warehousing techniques.” That’s the idea: the easier for the end user (I particularly mean corporate users that cannot afford to lose time on integrating their customer lists and data manually), the better!

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