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March 3, 2010

Data Integration Is Not About Tools, It’s About Strategy

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Today, organizations face increasing data integration challenges. The amounts of data grow progressively, demanding for new levels of data protection, and making data migration even more complex.

At the same time, business demands access to a real-time information and quality data to make right business decisions. There are plenty of technologies that are able to address data integration challenges, though some of them get old-fashioned, some continue to mature, etc. Thus according to Forrester Research, MDM and data quality services continue to mature, while ETL (extract, transform, and load) and data replication “have reached the Equilibrium phase,” and some technologies are moving to a decline.

But that doesn’t mean that a technology or tools which are in the top of the list today, may become a successful solution for data integration challenges. Lots of organizations regard data integration as mostly a technological process, not taking into account how it impacts organization’s long-term plans and the success (or failure) of business. However, successful data integration is mostly about strategy. And when a strategy is defined, the choice of tools get’s much easier, and there’s no risk that a chosen technology won’t cope with the task.

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