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October 27, 2009

Data Integration Issues: Moving Legacy Apps to the Cloud

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Gartner has lately named cloud computing among top 10 strategic technologies for 2010. However, that doesn’t mean moving to clouds immediately, experts say, but to consider the ways to approach the cloud, meaning the use of cloud services, private cloud environments deployment, applications development, etc.

    Why experts are warning against hurrying into the cloud? One of the reasons is that making certain applications work effectively in the cloud, especially, legacy ones, is quite difficult.

    There are several factors (according to an article at Computerworld), and the variety of cloud platforms is one of them. That means that data integration and data migration processes will be different within each platform, as well as costs, support functions, etc.

    Then, the means of data integration like APIs provided by the cloud differ from those used in a company’s systems, which may demand inventing some solution to address this integration challenge.

    One more essential difficulty factor is that most of legacy apps hardly support the newest technologies cloud platforms are built with.

Thus, while cloud computing named strategic, there are lots of things to be done about data integration, security, compatibility issues, etc. before migrating legacy applications to the clouds. Firstly there should be ways found to address those issues and ensure the apps work efficiently.

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