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January 5, 2010

Data Integration: Open Source to Become a Mainstream?

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According to multiple predictions and publications, 2010 is going to become quite an interesting year for open source data integration.

Here, as you may remember, Gartner has proclaimed open source solutions “good enough” for data integration (extract, transform, and load, to be exact), and a bit later has mentioned (at last!) open source data integration and BI vendors in its Magic Quadrant, thus admitting that open source solutions can be mature enough to meet their functionality requirements.

Though sometimes there are still talks about the need to have skilled developers at hand, for the sake of support and maintenance, it seems that open source data integration tools move closer to becoming a mainstream, and not just a cheap alternative (with limited possibilities) to proprietary data integration solutions.

Proprietary BI and Data integration vendors seem to admit this fact, as, according to Gartner, some of them have introduced free “starter editions” of their solutions.

All this brings us hopes that times, when open source data integration tools were regarded just offerings for small and mid-sized businesses, are passing, and open source offerings will gain the right to be deployed in large enterprises alongside commercial proprietary BI solutions.

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