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September 23, 2010

Data Integration to Achieve Data Quality

With an ever-increasing amount of data coming from various sources, you are sure to face data quality issues. Should you maintain a huge database of contacts and send notifications, sales offers and other documents to all of them? Isn’t it way too time-consuming and cost-ineffective? Wouldn’t it be smarter to check, which contacts do have a potential of becoming your customers and whether they really exist at all?

One of the ways to tackle the issue is to implement demographics-focused solutions in data integration of your CRM system, Web site membership database, Excel documents, and other data sources. For example, data integration with CDYNE Demographics Web service will allow you to receive relevant information about contacts from any U.S. postal address before you launch an advertising/marketing campaign. With a help of the appropriate ETL software, you can integrate this Web service into your customer database to determine contacts’ age, nationality, income or other characteristics, such as type of residence, average income, average house value, average number of vehicles for residents in their neighborhood, etc.

You can also integrate your CRM or any other contacts database with StrikeIron Email Verification service. This data integration solution allows instant determining the validity of an email address or domain. You can check all of your contacts and send emails to those that actually have them.

Data integration with demographics-focused solutions and address verification software ensures enhanced data quality, which results in better customer service, effective marketing and advertising, and, eventually, increases your revenue.

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