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December 14, 2010

Data Integration Tools: A Point of Convergence

Filed under: Data Integration — Katherine Vasilega @ 7:56 am

Organizations are often adding business intelligence tools, rather than subtracting them. The problem is that with each tool you add, you also increase the complexity of your IT architecture, as well as the costs of your team’s training, software licensing and maintenance. This is especially true for data integration tools: ETL (extract, transform, and load), EAI (enterprise application integration), and EDR (enterprise data replication).

You can cut costs of your data integration initiatives if you review your data integration tools and their usage throughout your organization. ETL tools are built to move large amounts of data, while transforming it to match the business rules. EAI tools specialize in bite-sized, consumable pieces of information such as found in operational or transaction systems. EDR tools provide a mechanism to identify changes to datasets.

All three areas of usage are closely related to each other, which leads to the conclusion that the convergence of ETL, EAI, and EDR functionality is a good starting point for the modern data integration tool. Making a single tool available to diverse project teams for their data integration needs increases the productivity and cuts costs of data integration.

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