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March 16, 2009

Data Integration Tools: Learn Your Needs and Negotiate

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According to a recent Gartner report, many companies are throwing away tens of thousands of dollars on data integration tools or services that do not match their organizational needs. Though they could save up to $100,000 if they learn to be savvy and accurate while negotiating or renegotiating data integration software and services licenses.

It appears to be that many companies don’t understand the terms of their data integration licenses, having never taken the time to study them in detail. And they seem not to clearly understand what their needs are and what particular software and services they could use.

Gartner insists that learning and understanding the terms of their data integration licenses is a must for wise companies. It also recommends to negotiate with multiple vendors which is essential to realizing maximum cost savings. Companies should keep negotiations open with multiple vendors until a contract with one of them is finalized - something too many companies fail to do. And, finally, companies must know their needs and and craft licenses to include only those tools and services that they will actually use. This step becomes increasingly important as proprietary data integration vendors continue to push expensive, comprehensive software suites.


  1. Thanks for the tips from Gartner. They’ve been on a cost-cutting bent lately. Can’t imagine why.

    Comment by Loraine Lawson — March 17, 2009 @ 12:27 pm

  2. Thank you, Loraine. Yeah, there’s been lot’s of buzz around cutting costs lately. Here again - Gartner Identifies 11 Cost Optimisation Options for German CIOs to Consider in 2009 - Gartner’s yesterday’s press release.

    Comment by Olga Belokurskaya — March 27, 2009 @ 12:57 am

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