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October 7, 2009

Data Integration with the Cloud: Challenges and Issues

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While clouds keep gaining popularity, there are issues occurring from time to time, as more organizations step into clouds. Of those issues, one of the most important is the data issue. More exactly, companies that moved their data to the cloud, sooner or later face the fact, that it should be somehow integrated or synchronized with the data in on-premise enterprise applications.

In fact, the possibility of data integration between on-premise and cloud systems and tools is the thing a company should provide for before turning to clouds. However, this fact is often overlooked, which leads to data integration problems in the future, taking into account the amount of data that is going to increase.

Here, some issues to consider before moving to clouds, provided by David Linthicum, a computing and application integration expert:

  • Firewall limitations – there should be the way found to externalize and consume not port-80-compliant data.
  • The speed of moving data should be considered in order to customize transformation and routing mechanism to perform properly.
  • Provide for maintenance and support for cloud systems.
  • And security, which is still a big issue for clouds.

To conclude, there should be planning, provisions for data integration, and technologies thought over properly to address issues if they occur prior to migrate any systems to the cloud.

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