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July 11, 2008

Data Management longs for Data Quality & Solid Grounds

Filed under: Data Quality — Alena Semeshko @ 2:53 am

Jill Dyché is answering questions about the recent data management trends for’s Ask the Expert section.

The three master data management trends she singles out are:

MDM trend No. 1: The use of data quality tools.

That is, establishing data quality standards and following through with them.

MDM trend No. 2: Using a common platform for multiple data subject areas.

Yep, the switch to a single platform that would unify your multiple applications and be convenient is taking place. To go further, this is the switch to on-demant applications from your desktop software.

MDM trend No. 3: Building solid business cases for MDM that transcend the “feeds and speeds” conversation and pitch bona-fide business value of MDM. Take case management in state government–whereby the state can track an individual despite multiple identities and addresses–thereby more quickly targeting food stamp fraud and saving millions in taxpayer dollars.

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