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January 12, 2010

Data Migration: Ensure Quality When Moving Data to the Cloud

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When migrating data to the cloud, ensuring data quality is essential.  Data can’t be taken to the cloud as is, so before starting data migration, provisions should be made for data quality.

It’s wrong to start data migration, until data is checked to be accurate, complete, duplications are found and cleared up, etc. Otherwise, data issues will be taken to the cloud, which will make it inconvenient to work with the data.

One more thing to be taken into account before beginning data migration process is a provider’s possibility to provide fresh, real-time data, and give constant access to the data.

Normally, companies have best practices for data quality. Cloud providers also have tools for data management, so when those tools and company’s best practices are united, it makes data management more flexible, and thus a company will have possibility to control data quality when data is migrated to the cloud.

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