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March 12, 2008

Data Migration Talk

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CleanUp! You first hear these words as a kid from your parents. Clean Up! When you hear this you usually know you’ve made a mess. Clean Up! This is what you shouldn’t be hearing, or, for that matter, thinking, in regards to your company’s data. Or, at least, if the prospect ever crosses your mind, it shouldn’t look as nasty and unpleasant as it used to in your childhood. =)

But nonetheless, clean up you should. If your source systems and initial data are a mess, of course. The obcession with clean data is only justified in this world of Business Intelligence, where looking at the picture as a whole and thinking big is not an encouraged, yet infrequent occurance anymore, but a requirement.

One of the key elements to having your data clean and having a global view of your organization’s lifecycle is data migration. Wise data migration with an appropriate strategy and the right tools, not the sort where you splash money and remain in the same spot you started.

Anyway, a whitepaper I came across got me thinking about this, so you can download it and check it out for yourself over here. It’s called The Hidden Costs of Data Migration and it touches upon the issue of data migration, whether to employ it or not, and the costs associated with it.

Data migration has become a routine task in IT departments. However, with the need for critical systems to be available 24/7 this has become both increasingly important and difficult. This White Paper will outline the factors that are driving data migration and examine the hidden costs that may be encountered when data is moved.

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