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November 27, 2009

Database Integration: Integrating Data from Multiple Sources to SugarCRM

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SugarCRM, a solution used by many companies, quite often is needed to be integrated with different third-party applications used by an organization. Sometimes there is a need for database integration, and there are multiple data sources to be in use.

Let’s imagine, for example, the need to take news from an RSS feed, extract customer information from GoldMine CRM, standardize and cleanse data, verify e-mails, names, and addresses, and then mix it all up and throw it across your SugarCRM tables. So, you have multiple data targets from which to aggregate information. The actions described below, are also applicable if you have to apply complex data cleansing or enrichment rules to the data on its way between the source and the target. Here is an example of how to perform such operations.

In this example we will use MySQL to host staging data. To connect to MySQL database, you may use embedded MySQL connector. Just drag-and-drop the connector to work panel, enter database authentication details, and provide the paths to MySQL.

To learn more about data integration with SugaCRM take a look at our whitepaper on “Five Steps To Integrate SugarCRM With Legacy Applications

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