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April 5, 2010

ETL Faces New Challenges

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Today, well-established data integration process is necessary for a sound business. Business information is a valuable asset; companies’ decision-makers depend greatly on the data they receive, its quality, value, and actuality. As the amounts of data companies work with grow exponentially, the requirements to ETL systems get more complex. Today, ETL providers face some new challenges along with traditional data integration issues:

Scalability. ETL systems need to be able to process large volumes of data that intend to keep growing. Moreover, today’s business reality requires getting more data in less time. So, scalable ETL is a must.

Operability. A large company’s IT system comprises multiple disparate sources of business-critical data, such as databases, CRM systems, etc. These days, ETL tool should have connectivity to all those systems. Ah, moreover, data integration between all data sources often requires complex transformations to make the data fit the formats common for this or that system.

Real-time data integration. This requirement is being heard more and more often. The need for real-time data demands from ETL systems the ability to process extract-transform-load operations and gather all the data in a standard, homogeneous environment in a really short period of time.

Finally, the Cloud. As cloud offerings get mature and provide some beneficial solutions (especially for small and mid-sized business), companies choose to move parts of their applications to the cloud. Providing the connectivity to cloud systems is a today’s ETL challenge, as well.

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