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February 17, 2010

ETL Tools: How to Make a Choice

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There is a wide variety of ETL tools available on the market, starting with solutions with minimum functionality and ending with tools that help solve complex tasks. There is also a choice between proprietary offerings and open source ETL tools, Web based and desktop solutions. Selecting an ETL tool requires some effort. When choosing an ETL tool for a particular company, a lot of things should be taken into consideration, including currently used data management processes, technologies utilized, IT staff available, etc.

Thus, to evaluate ETL tools and make a decision in favor of a certain offering, a set of questions should be answered, such as:

  • The operating systems supported by an ETL tool,
  • The volume of data the tool is able to handle in a given period of time,
  • Data sources and data formats the ETL tool supports, etc.
  • There is also significant to find out on what conditions maintenance and support are provided (paid, free of charge, etc.)

Besides, company’s requirements to data integration should be analyzed, and compared with the functionality that different ETL tools provide before making a decision and purchase a tool. Thus, a company may avoid paying for the functionality they are not going to use.

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