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December 3, 2010

External Data in Business Data Integration

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One of the great opportunities for business data integration today is the potential for buying and sharing data via the Cloud. Adding the data originating outside of your organization can be a strategic advantage, as it provides a huge value increase of your data integration efforts.

The majority of organizations implement business intelligence systems that are internally focused. They show data from within the company: products, sales, contact information of customers, etc. These systems might be able to present you only the opportunities embedded in the data you already have.

But how much do you know about “good” and “bad” customers except for their names and addresses? Do you know their income level, likes and dislikes, social habits? This information can be crucial for your marketing policy. It gives you a ground for the right decision-making. It’s a good idea to plan your business data integration initiatives in a way that they will support data from external sources sold as commercial Web data services.

A data integration solution can include connecting with Web services that provide demographics and social information about your existing and potential customers. You can receive up-to-date information based on phone verification services, demographics services, social research studies, etc.

Income level, household size, number of cars owned, level of crime in the local area, and average level of local Facebook usage are all examples of external data that can be used to evaluate your customers. Tying this information to your existing customer records will give you a wider perspective of your target audience.

And the final remark: before subscribing to the external Web data services, you have to evaluate your data quality and the ability of your business data integration solution to handle large volumes of data.

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