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June 24, 2009

Getting Most out of Open Source Data Warehouse

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There’s been quite a period of time since open source data warehouses evolved and gained popularity. However, an open source data warehouse is still regarded as a solution for small or mid-sized companies lacking enough budgets for solid proprietary solutions. Bigger companies may also use open source solutions as complimentary to their proprietary data warehouses.
Getting the most out of an open source data warehouse implementation is possible. There are some ways below provided by Claudia Imhoff:

  • Open source data warehouses complementing already existing proprietary enterprise solutions may help quickly address the new company’s needs. Proprietary solutions being more strategic are not so fast to react to those changes.
  • Normally, it’s the analysts who work with data warehouses; they are familiar with building massive queries and other technical stuff. But in some cases, there are end users who don’t have special technical knowledge, and need as much ease of use as possible.
  • Open source data warehouses should be compatible with related open source environments.
  • While open source data warehouses may seem cheaper than proprietary solutions at first, additional costs, such as transition and training costs, should be taken into account.

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