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October 14, 2009

Getting Prepared for Salesforce Integration

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To ensure the process of integrating data with 3rd-party applications and databases to be successful, it’s important to know how to solve typical challenges and avoid the most common mistakes at each of the steps that should be taken to get customer and enterprise information (currently residing in integrated, replicated, or migrated to some new Software-as-a-Service package.

The first step includes preparation and planning. It’s essential at this level think over and clarify the goals of the oncoming integration process:

  • What data (tables/fields/rows) should be extracted?
  • What data (tables/fields/rows) should be considered as targets?
  • Do I need to integrate with one single database or multiple data sources?
  • Is it enough to perform a one-time migration, or do I need an ongoing synchronization?
  • Do I need to have data backed up?
  • Do I have enough experience to do manual coding, or would the use of visual data integration tools be the best decision?

Mind that having no strategic vision and not enough evaluation criteria are the most common mistakes occurring at the preparation level. So it’s really important to set the goals and objectives properly.

Find out more about successful integration from our whitepaper on “Five Steps to Integrate with 3rd-Party Systems and Avoid the Most Common Mistakes.”

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