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September 29, 2009

Getting Ready for Data Migration: Data Quality Issues

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Careful analysis of the quality of data in your current system should be done prior to migration. Good data can save quite a bit of time (and budget) during migration. In fact, this analysis and replacement set up during the migration will help you cleanse and improve your data. Below are some points to pay attention to.

  • Required fields
    • - There fields that require being filled in for records to be migrated, such as company names for accounts, customer names for contacts, and so on. The main issue here is some of the fields missing information.

      To cope with the issue, think what values should be entered into these empty fields. The key factor here is to make it convenient for you to use the data when it is migrated.

  • Data type transformations
    • - It is important to ensure that values entered in the fields of one system meet the data type requirements of the system where the data is migrated, and there is no conflict during the migration.

      - One more issue is data logical duplicates that are presented in different ways in the field. The thing is that there may be different ways of naming the same value. So you need to replace all the different names with one. If there’s no possibility for automatic replacement in your current system, you’ll need to add these replacements within the data transformation to be built for the project.

    Learn more about the data quality issues that may occur during data migration from the whitepaper on “The Three Most Common Data Integration Problems

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