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September 1, 2009

Growing Demand for Data Integration

Filed under: Data Cleansing, Data Integration, ETL — Olga Belokurskaya @ 11:00 am

Data integration software market shows no sign of slowing. In February, when IT sphere was all in doubts about its future, Gartner predicted the 17% annual growth for data integration software market over the next four years.

So, what makes the data integration professionals expecting high demand for their services?

Well, now it is obvious that data is not just some kind of information to be picked up and stored for the sake of legality or compliance, but that it holds great value to a business. Provided the relations between IT business become closer and closer, there is no surprise that the data integration sector is on the rise.

The understanding that data is the great asset for an organization has also driven up the demand for integration. And it is not simply speaking about providing the basis for sales opportunity and business efficiency, but about data being the foundation for business performance management.

Data integration nowadays is far beyond simple extraction, transformation and loading (ETL). The demand for experts and software capable to cope with such data integration challenges as cleansing of data and improving the data content, mapping of data elements to some standard or common value, transformation of data that does not meet common expected rules, and coping with the situations when those rules fail, is growing as data projects become larger, and ETL implementation is regarded as a prelude to the implementation of corporate-wide, standard business intelligence software.

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