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September 16, 2010

How to Overcome System Limitations during Salesforce Integration?

Filed under: Data Integration — Katherine Vasilega @ 12:04 am

According to the Best Practices, LLC research, 70% of CRM projects do not meet the business requirements defined before the CRM solution implementation. Successful CRM initiatives combine both technical and business approaches and involve serious challenges, such as choosing the right CRM system and performing secure data integration. Today, I’d like to talk about Salesforce integration as I’ve recently had some issues that would not have been resolved if I hadn’t used the trick.

I’ve worked with a company that has recently implemented the CRM solution. During Salesforce integration I wanted to move all the business correspondence from the mail client to the CRM. There are many emails that contain external links. These links are associated with the important information that has to be accessed with one click.

I can’t doubt the variety of great functions CRM solution offers; however, when you move data from the source to Salesforce, it cuts out every piece of html code from the source data for the security reasons. If you move your emails from Outlook directly to Salesforce, you won’t be able to click on links in the emails to access external resources. There was a need to constantly use emails with links to various Web sites and documents. Losing them during the integration process would be a disaster.

Therefore, I have asked the IT guys how to solve this problem. They’d recommended me the ETL tool that I could use to extract emails from Outlook and to load them to CRM, without losing any valuable content. The html code was saved – links in the emails remained clickable, so the needed information remained accessible anytime. It’s really very handy. I hope this data integration tip would help you save the important data during the Salesforce integration process.

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