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June 2, 2008

Implementing SaaS CRM - best practices

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I recently came across an article that named 5 best practices for implementing SaaS CRM applications.

Considering the recent growth of interest towards SaaS applications in general, no wonder “a late 2007 survey of 1,017 software IT decision-makers at North American and European enterprises found that SaaS adoption is growing at double-digit rates.” (May 2008 Forrester’s “Best Practices: The Smart Way To Implement CRM” report)

As popular as SaaS is and as much as it’s being adopted, there’re still pitfalls. To avoid these, the Forrester analysts identify the following best practices for companies to keep in mind:

1. Build the Right Business Case.

2. Negotiating the Right Contract

Contracts can be tricky and cause customers to complain, especially when it comes to the following points:

1. Hidden cost drivers.
2. Unexpected service outages.
3. Declines in customer support.
4. Obscure disaster recovery procedures.

3. Follow the Right Implementation Approach.

4. Adopt the Right Data Security Procedures.

5. Establish the Right Support Structure.

If all SaaS vendors cleaned up these 5 areas of their company’s lifecycle, the customers would be much happier, and the corporate world in general would become even more SaaSy =)

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