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December 11, 2008

New Year’s Resolution at Work?

Filed under: Data Integration — Alena Semeshko @ 9:14 am

A bit early, I know, but some of us early birds are already coming up with New Year’s resolutions. It’s amazing how the resolution lists can be quite similar from year to year (like working out more or eating healthy food never comes off the list, not surprisingly).

Well, it turns out resolutions could really work for businesses too! I had a conversation with a friend of yesterday and he was telling me that it’s a real “ritual” in their company, where people in each department come up with a work-related New Year’s resolution and then stick to it throughout the year.

Last year aside from “drinking less coffee at work”, “coming in on time”, etc., their resolution included “bringing all customer-related activities onto a single platform”. He says it actually worked and made things a lot easier for sales and marketing. So, I guess resolutions are not all that personal after all.

Thought of integrating your applications enterprise-wide? Well, you could make up a resolution to bring the dirty data and disparate applications with duplicate data to book in the new year.

What it takes? Setting up a clear and solid plan, appointing people responsible for the plan to be carried out, and sticking to the plan… Sounds so easy, doesn’t it?

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