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December 29, 2009

On Approaches to Data Integration with the Cloud

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The idea of cloud computing has become really popular; the increase of the cloud adoption in 2010 has been predicted by data integration experts. There’s no surprise, as cloud computing is positioned as a way of simplifying technology, so that wider audience could adopt it.

The need to synchronize data from applications that an enterprise has in the cloud with on-premise apps is bringing us to cloud integration (or data integration with the cloud).

Today there are different approaches to data integration with the cloud available, as well as different solutions to perform cloud integration. This variety is mostly comes out of the immaturity of the market, and, I suppose, with the development of the cloud, there will be defined right approaches to data integration. Among the most common approaches is customizing the same data integration tool that an enterprise uses to integrate in-house applications, so it could be used for the cloud applications, as well; moving a data integration tool to the cloud, which helps avoid expenses connected to hardware installation. One more way is on-demand data integration.

So, there is a variety of choices, and to make a decision on what approach to utilize for cloud data integration a company should understand their needs, as well as consider available budget and resources, etc.

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