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September 4, 2009

On Data Integration with Cloud Computing

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Well, cloud computing keeps gaining popularity. Many enterprises are moving part of their systems to cloud computing platforms more and more enthusiastically, often forgetting about such a detail as the sooner or later need of data integration between the systems driven into the cloud and those on-premises.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon an interesting discourse at by David Linthicum (computing and application integration expert) of two approaches to data integration with cloud computing. The fact, that without data integration there is no value in the systems moved to the cloud platforms seems obvious, however many enterprises do not provide for any data integrating solutions for cloud-based systems. So, according to David, the approaches to data integration are:

- Implementing a data integration solution into the architecture of the system in the cloud – an optimal but often missed approach.

- Creating and retrofitting a data integration solution into the cloud-based system afterwards. The potential issue of the approach is governance and security which need to be part of the data integration solution, but often overlooked.

So, those planning to move to the cloud should tick “data integration” as an obvious point to think over.

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