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November 28, 2009

On Data Mashups for Data Integration

Filed under: Data Integration, Data Mashup — Olga Belokurskaya @ 2:21 am

Recently, I’ve met a phrase somewhere in a web magazine calling data mashups “a technology for competitive advantage.”  So I’d like to have some words on data mashups and their role in data integration. It’s not long ago that everybody was talking about data mashups; they were a kind of a buzzword, actually.

Enterprise data mashups integrate data from different enterprise data sources, including both desktop and web-based sources. Being quite flexible and light they help easily get data from heterogeneous sources, as well as read or write data, and customize data integration workflows.

Data mashups, normally, don’t demand users being experienced at coding, while help turn different data sources into reusable data services. So this is a great opportunity for non-technical business users to ease and improve data integration, combine different business data, and get a better view of enterprise environment.

So, though, today there’s not so much buzz around the technology, it is widely used in the enterprise data integration initiatives.

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