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June 16, 2008

On-premise and on-demand SaaS

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Quocirca has recently published a white paper on SaaS adoption across the business sector.

SaaS already is a huge part of most business processes, however, there are still companies that rely hevily on their on-premises applications.

…many vendors are realising that to provide a satisfactory end user experience, total reliance on a web browser is not always enough and a desktop component is often needed.

Quocirca lists the following problems with SaaS adoption:

  • Most consumer and business applications have an on-demand component
  • For many applications an on-premise component is needed to enrich the user experience
  • On-demand delivery is attractive to businesses because it helps them manage costs, provides high availability and flexible access
  • Business processes are only as strong as the weakest link in the applications that support them
  • Some level of integration of on-demand services with legacy applications and internal workflow will always be necessary
  • Many new independent software vendors (ISVs) are building in on-demand components from the start
  • Existing ISVs are making the move to on-demand too, but they face additional challenges

This only means that there’s a growing need for an effective link between the desktop and web applications and platforms. And since data integration market closely follows the SaaS trend, it looks like integration will be catering for this linkage and transition from the on-premises to the on-demand.

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