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August 5, 2009

Open Source BI Gains Popularity

Filed under: Open Source — Olga Belokurskaya @ 1:04 am

As IT budgets are still tightened, companies turn more willingly to open source BI software, claims an article at

Of course, that doesn’t mean companies are throwing away their proprietary solutions and replacing them with purely open source ones. Open source software is a great means to complement commercial BI deployments and filling occurring functionality gaps. And in case when new business requirements emerge asking for appropriate new BI solutions in the conditions of exhausted budgets, open source software can be a savior.

However, there are still some fears about open source BI deployment:

  • The lack of internal expertise for customizing OS software to interact with commercial BI software as well as underlying data sources and applications

  • Open source BI vendors’ viability.

Well, the firs fear has sense, for without the internal expertise, open source BI deployments can quickly get out of hand. As for the second fear, however, is doubtful. Open source software, thanks to its free code, is available to large communities of developers, which means that even if the vendor itself goes out of business, the product is more then likely would still be maintained and even improved. The same can’t be said about commercial BI vendors and products.

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