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March 24, 2009

Open Source CRM Pros and Cons

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Choosing CRM software is an important step for many companies. The variety of options as well as variable pricing makes the decision-making difficult, especially in today’s economy. The uncertain economic situation made many companies delay or even abandon their implementation of a CRM software platform which could provide a benefit tomorrow for the sake of survival today. As companies tighten their budgets, the need for an inexpensive CRM software solution becomes even more important.

Open source CRM can be the answer to many companies’ needs in today’s trying economy. A question arises then, whether open source CRM software a viable and effective alternative to proprietary solutions?

A lot of the fundamentals about implementing CRM technology hold true regardless of whether you are implementing open source CRM or conventional commercial CRM software. However there are some areas asking for more attention when installing open source CRM. Let’s have a look at some open source CRM pros and cons.

It goes without saying that implementing open source CRM requires minimal investments because of many free options available. In other words, for little or no money you get functionality and features that allow companies to improve upon inefficient operations.

However, the range of functions open source CRM may provide is not as extensive as the one available through commercial packages, and some of the features may simply be not included. Moreover limited support is available to open source CRM software which can be a problem for some companies.

That means that a company should be careful defining its needs and choose open source CRM software that meets those needs. But, if a company can adjust to these limitations, the return for its business can be significant.


  1. It is true that open source CRM is a great solution for many, however I don’t agree with the low price that may be associated with open source since open source will require a company to pay their own IT department a lot of money to accomplish many tasks. Not all commercial CRM Solutions are expensive, SaaS CRM vendors such as Salesforce, or Netsuite offer their solution on a subscription basis which largely lowers the cost of ownership. Either way there are more options out there for CRM then ever before.

    Comment by Josh Whiting — March 25, 2009 @ 8:43 am

  2. Yes, Josh, you are completely right. I see your point about additional expences that may be associated with open source. That’s the other side of the thing, you know. That’s why I’m talking about thinking, defining one’s needs and weighing the pros and cons.

    Comment by Olga Belokurskaya — March 26, 2009 @ 8:27 am

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