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November 16, 2009

Open Source Data Integration and Quality Tools: Being Reasonable

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While open source technologies gain more popularity as relatively cheap options compared to commercial data management tools, it should be clear that some of the open source tools are more mature, than others, an thus, take care and special attention to what open source may offer for data management, what your needs are, and whether the offerings answer all your needs.

Thus, as most of open source BI software that is now on the market may adequately address the needs of not just SMBs, but quite large companies, many analysts regard them as mature tools.

Almost the same may be said about open source data integration, as there are several mature enough offerings for ETL operations. Moreover, the steps are done toward other forms of data integration.

But, as for data quality tools, open source offerings are still too weak to go as independent option, and not as an addition to proprietary software. Today, such tools may serve as relatively inexpensive means of data profiling.

So, all the above was about to remind of being reasonable and analyzing your needs. While open source may offer mature solutions, not all open source tools are equal, as claims

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