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November 6, 2009

Open Source ETL the Way to Address SMBs Data Integration Challenges.

Filed under: Data Integration, Data Migration, ETL, Open Source — Olga Belokurskaya @ 5:55 pm

The times when data integration from multiple sources was mostly the case for big companies and enterprises have passed. Today more and more companies in small business have lots of various applications and utilize multiple databases, facing sometimes integration challenges.

The thing is, small companies often can’t afford having IT resources for data integration projects. Neither can they afford hiring somebody outside team, for this is quite expensive, plus, there are security questions that always rise when it comes to having somebody from outside work with company’s data.

However, modern ETL and data integration offerings help address small comanies’ data integration challenges providing solutions that cover the lack of IT expertise. Multiple vendors have introduced an alternative for expensive enterprise software, including open source technologies.

Open source data integration tools are the solutions for SMBs to consider. They may not be the answer for full master data management, but cope with classic extract, transform and load (ETL) functions successfully. Providing the possibility to run different operations through graphic UIs, they help avoid costly and complex hand-coding. Thus helping to integrate and migrate data from multiple sources that a company uses.

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