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March 18, 2009

Quick Tips on CRM Data Migration Planning

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In my previous post i reviewd some points that could help to increase the quality of your CRM database. Now I’d like to touch upon quick tips on what to do if you plan your CRM data migration.

Data migration from one CRM system to another can be quite irksome. Although adding new records to the new configured and ready to use CMR is pretty plain, it’s quite troublesome to shift your previous data into new CRM. Often before the data in your existing format is ready to upload into the new system, it requires a big amount of formatting, enrichment and cleansing. It’s “an inevitable evil” that comes with the migration process.

What you should keep in mind while migrating your CRM data:

Make sure you have an exact back up of all your previous data and the new CRM so that you could roll back to where you were if anything goes wrong.
Check which additional data fields are compulsory in the new CRM and identify them with the fields you have in your current CRM.

Add any additional data items that are missing, remove those that are not required and make sure you have complete records which are ready to be migrated to the new CRM.

As soon as the data moved to the new system, categorize and label it. Do it systematically to avoid the mess and have the retrieval easier.

The whole process, of course, requires a lot of effort and quite dull work, but if it done well, it will be worth every spent minute.

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