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July 22, 2008

QuickBooks- A Merchant’s Best Friend

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Here’re some extracts from a very favourable review of QuickBooks by Barbara Laporte, one more time confirming the program’s value. Intuit’s accounting software can be even better than maintaining at accountant

The software, which ever version the merchant selects, allows him to automatically reconcile banking statements, download transactions and match them to accounts the merchant has set up. He can also transfer funds between eligible accounts as well as pay bills through it.
QuickBooks is also advantageous in that the merchant has complete control over his accounts and he can catch up on the position of his business whenever he wishes to. It helps him organize his work better and keep it current.

Your entire accounting department won’t be able to get customer reportw ready for you as quick as QuickBooks will on its own.

QuickBooks guarantees secrecy about the merchant’s work as only authorized persons, decided by him, can access business accounts. Depending on which version he has decided to use, there are different access levels and a number of users (decided by the merchant, again) can be assigned to access different accounting levels.

So, all you need to do is:

1) enroll for online banking through Quickbooks
2) set up online ebanking with the help of his Quickbooks software
3) wait to receive a PIN number a few days after signing up
4) Use the PIN number to get information about your account whenever you need it.

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