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August 18, 2009

Reducing Data Integration Costs with Open Source ETL

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Right data integration and data quality are critical points for companies wishing to have fast time-to market and to manage complex sales and marketing programs. However, when budgets are limited it becomes difficult to cope with increasing expenses of data integration. In fact, the amount that an enterprise spends on Extracting, Transforming, and Loading (ETL) may reach the numbers of millions of dollars, what makes executives (especially non-ITs) clutch their heads in horror and spend sleepless nights analyzing whether their ETL data-integration technology is as beneficial as it is positioned.

Such factors as license costs, labor costs, and hardware costs drive data integration cost up. As the projects become more complex and amount of data increases taking a good care about data becomes more and more expensive.

Here are some best practices on how to lower data integration costs:

  • Consider using commercially supported open source tools for your integration projects.
  • Verify licenses to make sure the product you’re using is really an open source solution and the terms of license suit you.
  • Openness of the source code is an advantage of open source over proprietary software. You are always free to view, fix, and modify the code to make your open source tool better suit your particular requirements.

However, think over all the pros and cons. License costs are not the only expense when implementing software. If an open source solution is difficult to learn to use or implement, you better think whether it’s worth it.

Look through our Guide to Reducing Data Integration Costs to discover more.

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