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October 24, 2008

SaaS and Open Source Go Hand In Hand

Filed under: Open Source — Alena Semeshko @ 7:03 am

Matt Assay recently posted on how the concepts of open source and SaaS have been blurring into one. He notes that the confusion might be in part because both open source and SaaS have increasingly turned to “freemium” models. No wonder, clients are looking into lowering their spendings. SaaS and open source both offer that decrease - either on licensing, hardware, or human resources.

Speaking of open source, the benefits don’t stop with the costs. There is always a community of developers ready to help and enhance the program’s code any time. There’s a multi-platform support and a higher level of flexibility, as clients don’t depend on a single vendor anymore. There’s easy deployment and a high level of customization. With all the benefits open source has to offer, no wonder emerging SaaS vendors choose to go open source.

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