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March 18, 2008

SaaS on the Progressive Side

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Back to SaaS, more thoughts.

Software as a Service…a concept that seems so attractive and luring. Yet you can’t but ignore how some companies areconstantly criticizing it, telling the “horror stories” of how “friends of their friends” wasted time and resources depending on their SaaS providers, how it’s totally unreliable to let your customer data out and let some outsider be in control of it.

Rumours and fears like that don’t come out of nowhere, obviously. Companies, especially small and mid-sized businesses, get very touchy when it comes to their data and security for a reason. And the reason is…old-fashioned and conservative thinking.

In fact the ones that complain the most are usually the ones that realize the least just how vulnerable their data/software is inside their own company.  Com’n folks, look at the real picture.  With SaaS you’re not just letting out-of-house players be in control of your precious resources, but rather letting the pros protect, even fix it.

There’s nothing wrong in not knowing how EVERYTHING works and how to fix EVERYTHING. There are enough SaaS services to take a large chunk of your “everything” off your shoulders. =) Then you’ll be able to fcus on your internal assets and get double the work done with the same effort.

Let me list a few more benefits of having SaaS in your life:

  • increased implementation speed;
  • increased flexibility and usability;
  • reduced dependence on IT services,
  • access fom anywhere
  • costs usually smaller than software license costs
  • superior protection and security of your data

With that said…being conservative sure helps…sometimes… but as my coach used to say, “don’t be afraid of being progressive”.

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