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March 11, 2008

SaaS Takes Over

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In this world of changing business requirements, flexibility is the key to providing a positive customer experience and, in the long run, succeeding. Flexibility, however, is a complicated deal. Not all companies have the power, time and resources to constantly readapt to the new OC’s, new security measures, new software, new systems, updated and improved work strategies… if you spend all your time on these processes (and they do have the potential to take ALL of your time), who’s gonna do business for you?

This is precisely the reason why the SaaS market has exploded in the recent years and why companies increasingly put their trust along with their confidential data into the hands of outside service providers, rather than in those of their in-house staff.

Google’s recent survey on “message security and compliance”, involving 575 IT professionals, showed that the majority of respondents (53%) believe that “IT holds ultimate responsibility for their organization’s communications security and compliance. They also realize that organizations need to have policies and mechanisms in place to help achieve this.”

The survey confirmed the growing need for software-as-a-service (SaaS), “which is taking the place of in-house solutions that tend to require significant internal resources to maintain. The results suggest that one reason SaaS is gaining momentum is that the problems it solves are top-of-mind for IT departments, such as spending too much time or money on troubleshooting and maintenance.”


“By using SaaS service providers, organizations can offload capacity challenges, get real-time updates, and benefit from the economies of scale of a large network.”

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