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July 1, 2008 has THE Leader, THE Partner & THE People

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Last month was named one of Ethisphere Institute’s 2008 ‘World’s Most Ethical Companies’.

While the fuss around the company’s alliance with Google creating a formidable competition against Microsoft is on, SFDC keeps steadily securing its position as a company that is not only successful in business, but also quite popualar for its community approach. No wonder, considering the way allows its community to regulate the direction the company goes. Their resource allows users to share recommendations and suggestions around the company’s products and services and thus provies SFDC with a much needed future vision.

That’s on the community. Business-wise too, they have a powerful partner in face of Google and a perfect spokeman in face of Beinoff, who has “proven to get under the skin of the competition and seems to drive them crazy.” The future? Let’s see more powerful players join this coalition against Microsoft. Who’s next? Adobe? Apple?

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