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November 17, 2010 Integration: The Best Fit for Business Users

Filed under: Data Integration — Katherine Vasilega @ 7:44 am

One of the biggest challenges faced by companies today is how to achieve efficient customer management. This is where Salesforce CRM can be really helpful. Many connectors are offered by various vendors for Salesforce integration. How can these integration solutions help improve customer management? Let’s find out.

With Salesforce integration, companies can ease the process of customer and data management. offers Web-based customer management solutions with a great capability to synchronize data. Users across various locations can access the data without any delays. It enables the companies to share data across various sources without any complications. Salesforce CRM is very user-friendly. Therefore, sales and project managers can easily utilize the data that was integrated into Salesforce CRM from various sources.

Based on a SaaS model, Salesforce integration offers capabilities that automate moving, monitoring, and synchronizing data between different sources and applications. It is an ideal solution for companies dealing with large volumes of data, both on- and off-premises.

One of the greatest benefits of Salesforce integration is that business users can access Salesforce CRM and use it without anyIT staff involved. With Salesforce integration, they can quickly synchronize accounts and contacts, manage new orders, and manage data for reporting and analysis. They can view, monitor, analyze information from multiple sources in a single environment, which really eases every day activities of sales people, project and account managers.

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