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June 12, 2008 Thinks About the Process

Filed under: Data Quality — Alena Semeshko @ 5:11 am

In the world of customer data quality problems, simply solving the problem, which is exactly what most vendors are trying to do, is not the best option. The thing is, most problems arise as a result of a whole bunch of issues that too need to be adressed. When the data you get from your sources is dirty, for instance, it’s not your CRM system that needs to be cleansed and checked fot data quality regularly, but rather it’s your the sources that need to be altered to provide a better quality data in the first place.

CRMBuyer has an insignful article by Denis Pombriant, the managing principal of the Beagle Research Group, discussing why the original issues don’t get addressed and the way some turnkey technologies try to deal with it.

We need to think more about the process than we think about solving the point problem,” Pombriant says. with its AppExchange and on-demand platform seems to have the best approach solution.

By far, Salesforce has demonstrated this understanding best. With the AppExchange and, the company has brought forth a logical platform that supports whole business processes by bringing applications together.

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