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May 16, 2008

SOA Risk Mitigation

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As companies go on struggling to get a positive return on investment from SOA, we hear more and more about SOA prjects failing. However what we don’t see is that software oriented architecture, just like its predecessor, integration, is a complicated concept that has its own challenges and risks.

Among the challenges SOA presents are:
it’s dynamic: the products, standards and requirements keep on changing and maturing, and keeping up with the flow might not be the easiest thing. For companies that have adopted SOA early on this dynamic process is twice as hard to follow.
it’s a twist: adopting SOA requires that global changes are made in your project lifecycle management, as SOA has a very specific infrastructure that needs significant scalability capacities, a fully altered and specific work and design pattern, user training and performance.

These two challenges associated with adopting SOA enterprise-wide can, however, be addressed.
Here are a few of the risk mitigation steps that you could take as suggested by Eric Roch in his recent blog entry on ITtoolbox:

� Examine the current architectures and methodology in use and adjust for SOA - an agile OOA/OOD approach with specific SOA deliverables and patterns
� Establish a repository and governance policies for reusable artifices such as interface specifications (design deliverables), schemas and interface definitions (WSDL)
� Develop SOA reference architecture based on design patterns, tool usage and best practices that defines the SOA logical and physical architecture
� Establish a training plan for staff competency
� Acquire message based testing tools and develop SOA Quality Assurance policies and procedures
� Involve operations support early and deploy monitoring and management tools for the SOA infrastructure
� Develop a SOA strategy and roadmap based on business value, risk, business process effectiveness, and IT assets to be leveraged
� Transition to SOA iteratively adding services based on business value and utility of function building the services library over time

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